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Company Name: Hijrah Islami Indonesia

Address: Tanah Baru Street Beji Depok West Java Indonesia

Description: Pussing Honey produced by Hijrah Islami Indonesia , Processed with healthy standart Processing , suitable for health recovery after having full of daily activites . Pussing Honey will make you fresh and health .

Website: http://www.zahalal.com

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Telephone No: + 62 812 938 266 16

WhatsApp No + 62 812 938 266 16

Business email contact : jannatusyauqi16@gmail.com

Product in Brief :

Our pusing ( dizzy ) natural herbal Honey , God willing, can help alleviate some health problems like this:


Headaches are a universal problem, with a prevalence of almost 99%, and are the most common reason for neurological referral. In fact headaches have little clinical significance but may also be a sign of a life-threatening disease. (Mayo) Headaches are caused by traction / withdrawal, displacement, inflammation, spasm of blood vessels, or distension of structures in the head or neck that are sensitive to pain.

One type of headache that is also widely complained of is a headache or migraine. An attack of a migraine headache feels more excruciating and sometimes comes suddenly. Migraine sufferers will feel pain and throbbing like being beaten and pulled and usually accompanied by gastrointestinal disorders such as nausea and vomiting. Sufferers also tend to be more sensitive to light, sound and smell. It is certainly very disturbing and can hamper all activities of the sufferer.



The word MIGRAIN comes from the Greek hemicrania (hemi = half, cranium = skull). Migraine headache attacks can occur several times a year to several times a week, with the duration of the attack usually 1-2 hours. Migraine or headaches are actually not yet known exactly why. However, it is estimated that this type of headache is caused due to hyperactivity of the brain`s electrical impulses that increase blood flow in the brain resulting in brain blood vessel dilation and inflammatory processes (inflammation of the wound). There is also a tension type headache (TTH), which is characterized by both sides of the head as tightly squeezed, but not accompanied by other symptoms (no nausea, vomiting, light sensitivity, etc.).


Vertigo is a disease that is characterized by an illusion of movement disorders and is not a form of migraine. During this time many people misinterpret vertigo as migraine or vice versa. Vertigo itself is divided into subjective vertigo and objective vertigo. Subjective vertigo is when you feel yourself spinning. Whereas objective vertigo is when the environment feels spinning.

Net weight : 300 gram

package : Hygine Plastic Botle
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