Being bored RESELLER Nugget ???

Be Colleagues from


visit us : www.

We opened the bidding for those of you who have Business place for our qualified "DISTRIBUTOR Az-Zikra Food" which sells Frozen Food for the Reseller or retail business

BENEFITS of of Being a Distributor Partners "AZ-Zikra FOOD"

No need to buy products Frozen food because we will supply Product directly to your place Generally FREE / FREE.

Able to Sell Products in massive / large for the resellers.

Getting The Right to data Reseller Owned Distributor "AZ-Zikra FOOD" is already number THOUSANDS OF CANDIDATES Reseller spread throughout Indonesia.

Planned system that was run by the Distributor "AZ-Zikra FOOD" which include: Transparency of Financial Statements and Sales During Become a Distributor "AZ-Zikra FOOD"

System sales

Human Resources System

Profit-sharing system

Course co-Distributors will benefit Extraordinary If you become a Distributor "AZ-Zikra FOOD".

With these benefits , Co-Distributor "AZ-Zikra FOOD" No need to think about:

1. Stock items ( stocks will be in supplied

2. Payroll.

3. Applied Sales System.

4. Business Operations.

Here Is The provisions to be co-Distributor "AZ-Zikra FOOD":

The place has a Qualified: Pay 1 x In accordance with the option package in the beginning To Operational Supermarket / Distributor Nugget to be run.

Roadside Access (Min Log Mobil Box

The following is a Plot To Become A Friend DISTRIBUTOR "AZ-Zikra FOOD":

Make Request To Become Distributor Nugget by emailing

(Email is not in the Bikin) by Subject "REQUEST TO BE A DISTRIBUTOR" is equipped with the contents that contain the complete personal data

Full Name:


no Phone & Mobile phone :

Or With Call Us
we will retaliate and Call as a response that contains the time for our agents to place your survey.

If Places Qualified To Us founded Supermarket "AZ-Zikra FOOD", So Will we present overall terms, and Profit Sharing.

If Deal, So Preparation MOU (Memorandum of Understanding and / Memorandum of cooperation agreements until a predetermined time.
please visit us ;


Wanting to Have a sale of Frozen Food ... ???

The Distributor "AZ-Zikra FOOD", you will find it easy to become a seller of Frozen Food. Advantages Become a Reseller in Distributor "AZ-Zikra FOOD":

Reseller membership is very easy

Purchase terms are very easy

Very Competitive Prices

Free postage for candidate who stay Jakarta, Bogor and Depok City.

High Repeat Orders Processed Food Products

Most complete product quality

The following is a reseller provisions to be in Distributor "AZ-Zikra FOOD"

To be a Distributor Reseller in "AZ-Zikra FOOD", you only need to make a purchase Min IDR .1.500.000, - and the price set is The Very Cheap Reseller prices than the market price.

Purchase products at Distributor "AZ-Zikra FOOD" may be various kinds of Frozen food When stocks last.

Distributor groove purchases in "AZ-Zikra FOOD"

1. Register your membership by sending your data to the email address

Format Email:

Full Name:


No Phone & HP:

2. we will reply and send email to your latest catalog. Which contains:

Catalog resellers

Catalog for retailing sales

Digital business cards which can be contacted

3. send your order via email with the booking format that we have provided.

4. Perform Confirm that you have booked.

5. After the confirmation we received, and we will check how price to pay and we will xx.konfirmasi back to you.

6. Make a payment of at least 50% of the booked price.

7. The rest of the payment can be paid when the goods arrive at the destination.

9. after the deal then we will deliver the goods as scheduled.

10. After the deal of items to be purchased, reservations can not be canceled until the goods are in xxx.antar.

Delivery of goods:

1. Booking Scheduled For resellers are from Monday to

Saturday at 08:00 to 17:00 pm.

2. As soon as you confirm your transfer, your order will bee soon our product prepare. Minimum time setup process to delivery in accordance with the following schedule.

Booking confirmation and payment of 50% of the price is done Monday - Saturday 08.00 - 17.00 pm.

Delivery is done Monday - Saturday at 08:00 to 17:00 pm. according to the booking queue.

Booking and confirmation can also be delivered via SMS / Phone
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