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DAPUR SOLO was born from the development of the restaurant business BAKSO KADIPOLO which had established since 1967, This meat Ball Bakso Kadipolo started from Kampung Kadipolo Solo (Surakarta), precisely in the west of Kadipolo Traditional Market . Kadipolo meatball started just with a " tent" which was founded by deceased Grand Father Mr Warso

Although only sarted with the Tents as a selling place , BAKSO KADIPOLO already had many customers and had been visited by customers who came from the city of Solo himself or customers of the cities around Solo. Although only in a tent Bakso Kadipolo was able to spend an average of 70 kg of meat per day. And Meatball KADIPOLO, since it was already well known throughout Surakarta residency. So there is a "slogan" outside the community Solo or less like the following, namely: traveling to Solo is not yet complete, yet afdol, if not stop and dine at BAKSO KADIPOLO.

In 1985 the founder of BAKSO KADIPOLO summoned to the fold of the Almighty, This cullinery business efforts succeeded by one of his sons, Mr Tukino / Hajj. Alim Mulyanto and developed in the town of Boyolali with the exact location is in front of the General Hospital Boyolali until now. And in the journey from the start of November 1996, this business is getting developed more seriously by the son of Mr. and Mrs. Hajj Alim Mulyanto Hj. Nursini namely married couples H. Suripto, S.Sos and Hj. Alim Indratni, SE by opening new outlets are permanent and can accommodate up to 200 visitors at Veteran road no. Solo 117. Recently Kadipolo Meat Ball had been developed wider cullinery business by opening javanese cuisene with the business brand Dapur Solo and become one of the Solo Cullinery icon which visited by wider customers from various community .
Visit us for firther info : kulinerdapursolo.com
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