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About Soto Mat Tjangkir
Soto Mat Tjangkir is one of the best Soto franchise market leader in Indonesia


We believe that this is good business, it is obligatory to disseminate to the people of Indonesia in particular and the whole world
Invites the partner of choice throughout the hemisphere Indonesia to join our management system and creates more employers
and this business will be the best business model for soto franchise in Indonesia , Insya ALLAH .

OWNER PROFILE Mr Ali Asyhar , the founder and owner Soto Mat Tjangkir was born from a family business Hajj M Ali Asykar . He had a busibess blood flowed from the body of his father and mother and even his grandfather who was a businessman. Starting business after having capital for his 5 years experiences , precisely in 2000 Ali was then aged 29 years, started his business in the telecommunications sector precisely to open stores Mobile, SIM cards and accessories. His business is well developed. Since then, Ali often get a surrogate candidates from their friends or neighbors, to work in his place. But he is facing challenges, if his employees were graduated from junior high school, it is based on his experience, they will be difficult to follow the development of existing technologies.

Starting from these problems, and Ali thought to have a business that can accommodate junior high school graduates. After going through the thinking for 2 years, then he could made the action . In 2007 in select culinary business. Of the many types of culinary, soto chosen because it has a broad market and Soto is the majority Indonesian`s daily cullinery . Besides his work is quite simple. So it was decided to open a soup right in the heart of the Holy City, the square intersection 7.

Soto Mat Tjangkir chosen as the name of his business. As a form of appreciation on behalf of his grandfather exceptional business inspiration from heim. Without advertising, it is located in the heart of the Holy city, square Simpang 7, then without the soup business promo smooth road. Time is running, with good recordkeeping, it turns out the business recorded a profit that can not be said little. Since then increasingly in governance seriously, Ali took time to observe and analyze the existing system. Ranging from human resources to the system of employment, the amount of payroll, employee shift etc.

Beginning in 2010 a friend intention of self-employed, then eventually partner with him. new branch had been opened in Sleman, Jogjakarta and Alhamdulillah run until now. Actually before that so many have contacted him to join established businesses alike. But the time was not yet awakened SOP good, so Ali was afraid that would hurt the partners because of the way the work has not been in good standart.

Finally in early 2013 Ali decided to make his Soto become a franchise business. So that more people can be cast at the same culinary business benefits that many Indonesian people can enjoy delicious Soto Mat Tjangkir, in every city in Indonesia.
Please Welcome if you want to be our business franchise patner .

just visit us at for further business info

Business Owner contact : Mr Ali Asyhar
Mobile phone : +6281 2293 1022 PIN BB; 237F13C3
Email :
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