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What is Haram

The Arabic word Haram means not permissible /unlawful .The following items have been catagorically spelled out as being haram by jurist in the light of Holy Quran and the sunnah of prophet Mohammad SAW .1. Pig2. Blood3.Carnivorous Animals4. The Bodies... Read More

What is Halal

Halal is an abbreviation of the term Halalan Thoyiban. The term describes goods or actions that are permissible and wholesome according Syariah laws and Islamic principles.Stating that all things are originally wholesome, Halal is a guideline to distinguish from harmful,... Read More

Asia Halal Market

Asia Asia has the largest Muslim population of any given region, but the population has modest per capita incomes, and hence lower total food consumption than other areas. For example, high population countries like India... Read More

Middle east Halal Market

Middle East Middle East countries, especially members of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC), have higher incomes and consequently higher per capita rates of consumption. In addition, the region must import 80%... Read More

europe Halal Market

Europe Europe is seen as an important market for Halal products on the basis of higher purchase power rather than population size. Furthermore, non-Muslims? willingness to purchase Halal food adds to the attractiveness of... Read More

United States Halal Market

United States Muslims in North America have increased in number since World War I and even faster after World War II. As of 1992, their numbers are estimated at 6 to 8 million and they... Read More

How Big Is the Global Muslim Market?

The world Muslim population is approaching 1.6 billion people. Muslims are expected to account for 30% of the world?s population by 2025. There are around 1.3 billion Muslims in the world and 1.5 billion... Read More

Global Halal Market

The global Halal market value for trade in Halal foods is estimated at US$547 billion a year. This large market has created interest from food producing countries worldwide. In this respect, Malaysia has the edge in being recognized... Read More

halal and haram food

about halal and haram what is halal and haram halal is what is  allow in islam  and haram is what is forbidden in islam halal and haram is everything we should know in islam to live peacefully we want everything is clean  ... Read More

Halal what is it

What is halal ?many people ask about halal Halal is everything that is allowed in Islam to do and to eat and drink and to see ... Read More
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