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  was founded   to response  to the emergence of the lack of Indonesian  media who gave  attention to the Indonesian and global  entrepreneurs who focus on Halal sector Economic. Indonesia is the country with the largest Muslim population in of the world . The Total Muslim population in the world is around  1.6 billion, and based on the   research  prediction , The Global  Muslim population  will reach 50% by 2050.  The total Muslim population is about 50% of the population is  aged 25 years old and this population is predicted to rise to the middle class because of the trend of today`s urban society.

Zahalal is  one of the world`s largest business marketplaces featuring Halal products and services, is working closely with local and international Halal certification authorities to promote Halal trade. ,which is a trading management tool linking up all the Halal merchants, products and services with the worldwide Muslim market of 1.8 billion consumers. The marketing experts estimated the Halal segment alone is worth USD2.1 trillion and growing by $500 billion annually.

Each year Global Shariah market generated US $ 2 billion, while revenue from the halal food is US $ 628 billion per year which represents 16% of revenues from the global food industry and the numbers always go up significantly. Experts predict that the marketing world halal business will be one of the biggest business in the world. Halal market is really growing at the moment. Advertising halal market will be a very promising business opportunities in the present and the future. Asean free trade  2015 has come into force will create a niche opportunity ad spending enormous for all halal products circulating in both Asian and international markets and companies from around the world compete to race berbagia make Indonesia one of their biggest target market.
Halal Market Trends indicate that that The Giant`s Company that sell halal product and services start implementing marketing strategies through  online media for all products ranging from food and another Halal services. ZAHALAL.COM  was founded with a great future goals become halal Indonesian media with an international reputation, became a partner of the Government, both MUI Halal certification body and the International Halal Certification Bodies in disseminating and supporting SMEs awareness of employers ranging from small, medium and large to get certified as soon as possible permitted to compete in the Global Halal market competition, both national, regional and international levels.


Muhammad Natsir

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