The Growth of Halal Business Globally

Islamic finance industry demand for professionals who understand the greater Islamic business grow up progessively . This comes along with the increasing awareness of investors around the world, especially in non-Muslim countries.

In 2014, Britain declared itself as a non-Muslim countries of Europe first issue bonds sharia. Suckling Hong Kong, South Africa, and Luxemburg.

In addition to the state, a number of large companies of the world also began to look at this Islamic financial products. Goldman Sachs Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi and Soci?t? G?n?rale is a bit of an example.

Managing Director of the Institute for Training and Consulting Dubai, PROGRESS, Nada Saeed, despite adheres to Islamic principles and does not follow the traditional financial model, the system is able to attract Hong Kong issue sukuk of US $ 1 billion.

"Two-thirds of investors coming from countries outside the Muslim world," he said quoting Zawya pages, Tuesday, January 20, 2015.

This fact clearly indicates if the structure and the proportion of the value of products to attract investors not only Muslims but also non-Muslims.

Nada reveals the professional needs of sharia trained not only come from the countries of the Middle East. This phenomenon actually has worldwide and occurs almost in every country.

As is known, Islamic business in the world is booming. Not only in the financial sector, investors also began to look at the halal food business, fashion Muslim world, to pharmaceutical kosher. (Read: Business Gurihnya Sharia)

Not long ago, a recent report from the Dubai Islamic Economy Development Centre (DIEDC) in collaboration with Thomson Reuters and DinarStandard titled State of the Global Islamic Economy (SGIE) for 2014-15, the latest data revealed Islamic business world

Consumer spending allocation Muslim world towards food and lifestyle grew 9.5 percent last year. It is estimated, the Muslim population of the world was draining money up to US $ 2 trillion.

Consumer spending growth in the Muslim world does not stop there. It is estimated that in the next four years, the Muslim consumer spending will drain deeper pockets. Estimated at more than US $ 3.7 trillion will be issued in 2019 with an average growth rate of 10.8 percent per year. (Read: Infographics: Octopus Islamic Business World)

No wonder when the market amid Muslim countries being targeted. Now turn to the world of online business or e-commerce a crowd targeting Muslim lifestyle market share continues to grow significantly.

Of trips to the shopping portal, online entrepreneurs continue to seize the opportunity of the Muslim lifestyle. In addition to halal food, Muslim lifestyle has evolved into other fields such as tourism, fashion and credit cards.

Except for food, around 1.6 billion Muslims are willing to buy most goods and services from the conventional market. But they also expect no expansion of the product areas in accordance with the principles of the Islamic religion.
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